Behind the Bench


Not just an accessory- Fiercely independent jewellery that has something to say. The Shadowed Pearl is owned and independently run by self-taught silversmith and jewellery designer Meg Mathers- "Its just me, in a room with some tools, music and thoughts. A shadow dweller making jewels by day and in the stillness of the night under one low light, for the individual, the misfits and the outsiders. My jewellery tells the stories I was once too afraid to say. Its like an obscured window to the secrets my soul hides but desperately wants to show. You'll find me up at 3am with the rest of the insomniac nyctophiles, creatives and overthinkers".


Meg individually handmakes all her jewellery designs to order, from behind her bench in her small workshop in Southampton, England. Follow The Shadowed Pearl on Instagram to be the first to know about new collections and see behind the scenes insights into Megs work.