Stunning small raw Rainbow Moonstone, hugged in handmade 925 sterling silver claws. Includes a high quality 16" or 18" 925 sterling silver Traditional Curb chain, BUT you can choose one the following chains instead, some may have a small additional charge:  (I will email you after the order is placed, so you can select your chain and pay for any chain upgrades if applicable).

Black or Tan leather - no extra charge

24" Traditional Curb + £2

24" Ball chain + £2

18" Chunky Curb +£4

16"-18" Satellite + £6

14" Belcher +£6

16" Belcher +£8

18" Belcher +£10

20" Belcher + £12

24" Belcher +£16

30" Belcher +£20

See my measuring guide and photographs of the different chain types in the photos for help. The leather necklaces fasten with a high quality 925 sterling silver clasp:


About Rainbow Moonstone:

Rainbow Moonstone is a symbol of The Goddess of the Moon. It is said that the stone is most powerful at night when the moon is shining and reflects the healing vibration from the moon within them.

Known for its feminine connection, it will help women to recognize and embrace their own personal power and embodies the energy of the Divine Feminine, helping you to feel courageous in your own skin and within your life. It also has a gentle, comforting and loving energy and helps us to embrace our true nature.

Moonstone combines its feminine, gentle and nurturing qualities with fierce protectiveness, meaning it can help you through the toughest times. The protective qualities of moonstone will protect you against those who mean you harm, or would take advantage of you.

Also known as a stone for love and romance, it is a traditional ancient token of undying love and will remove anger from relationships, and will help you accept the love of others. It is great for balancing Yin & Yang energies in home environments.

You might also benefit from wearing rainbow moonstone if you are feeling stressed or anxious and it is also believed that rainbow moonstone brings success in business matters. 

Birthstone for June and Cancer zodiacs. 


Please see our leather, silver and crystal care guide for how to care for your pieces.Your jewellery is sent lovingly packaged in recyclable materials, and all orders receive a gift pouch, care instructions, crystal meaning info and personalised note. Please drop us an email if your order is a gift and you would like a specific personalised message written to your loved one at no extra cost.


**Please note- After I have emailed you and you have confirmed your chain selection, payment for chain upgrades is required within 24hours. If I cannot reach you to confirm your necklace selection, or chain upgrade charges are not paid, your necklace will automatically be sent out on either a 16" or 18" traditional curb chain.

Raw Rainbow Moonstone Claw 925 Silver or Leather Necklace


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