Luxury Italian leather fishtail braided bracelet with beautiful gemstone shard detail.  Please advise your actual flush/snug to skin wrist size measurement NOT bracelet length. I will then make the bracelet to fit the wrist size provided.


Choose from our wide range of crystals and leather colours and we will handcraft your unique piece from start to finish. You can have just one type of crystal on your bracelet, or if you would like a mix of crystals, then choose "crystal mix" in the dropdown box and write in the text box which crystals from our selection you would like. (same applies if you wouldl like a mix of leather colours)


Crystals available: 

Black Obsidian- Strongly protective, truth-enhancing, shields against negativity, draws out mental stress and tension.
Rose Quartz- pale pink- Unconditional love, warmth, happiness and emotional health.

Clear Quartz- Healing, teaching, protective, uplifting. Opens your heart and mind.

Tigers Eye- gold/ brown- Protection, good luck, releases anxiety, aids harmony.

Amethyst- purple crystal- Master healer, helps with anxiety, powerful, protective, all-round healer.

Black Onyx- Protective, absorbs negative energy, strength and stamina, grief.

Dalmation Jasper- leopard print- Instant pick me up, brings childlike joy and fun 

Aventurine- green- Stone of good luck & fortune, soothing, fullfillment, aids relationships.

Turquoise Howlite- reduces anxiety, tensions, stress and anger, gentle, soothing, calming, aids creativity

Citrine- yellow- enlightenment, optimism, warmth, clarity, happiness and joy

Garnet- berry red- physical love and relationships, spiritual stone and one of protection.

Carnelian- orange - stone of motivation and endurance, leadership and courage

Peridot- lime green- Alleviates resentment,irritation, hatred and greed. Reduces stress, anger and guilt. Opens our hearts to joy and new relationships. Brings confidence, motivation and change.

Lapis Lazuli- Navy blue & gold flecks- A stone of truth, encourages honesty and a stone of friendship which brings harmony in relationships.


Each piece we make is individually handcrafted with love and care. If you would like a specific cyrstal to be used that is not mentioned, please do let us know via the contact form or email us at so we can arrange this. 


Please see our measuring guide for how to provide your accurate size for your order and our leather and silver care guide for how to care for your pieces.


Your jewellery is sent lovingly packaged in recyclable materials and all orders receive a leather care instructional card and personalised note. Please drop us an email if your order is a gift and you would like a specific personalised message written to your loved one at no extra cost. 


Please note- our vintage black and tan leathers are natural colours which will darken and soften with time. Our Distressed blue & pink leathers are.. as they say.. distressed. They have been dyed/coated and will wear back to their natural tan colour in places over time. We feel, that this adds to their ditressed look, but the choice is yours! 

Bespoke Leather Crystal Shard Braided Bracelet

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