Jewellery Care

Silver Care:

Try to avoid having your jewels in direct contact with any chemicals, including lotions and perfumes. We hope that you love your jewels so much that you wear them often and Sterling silver is made to be worn- even the natural oils in your skin help keep it clean! But if your silver jewellery sits on the side for too long, it can start to tarnish. Therefore we advise if you're not wearing it, you should pop it into an air tight bag and store in the box or pouch it came in!

If it does begin to dull, silver polish used gently and carefully will get your pieces looking beautiful again- you can buy polishing cloths on our website for this purpose.

Please remove your jewels for sleeping and exercising and do not get them wet. 

Leather Care:

To keep your leather jewellery in the best condition, please do not allow it to get wet.

Genuine leather can stretch and relax over time, this is not a defect of the product. 

Leather will naturally wear over time and may darken in colour and change shade due to the natural oils in your skin. This is called Patina and is a sign of high quality genuine leather! 

Clean your leather jewellery using a clean dry cloth and avoid using water and chemicals. 

Crystal Care:

Please take special care of your crystals and avoid all contact with chemicals and water- this includes body lotions, perfumes, sun creams, cleaning products, make up etc. 

Some crystals are harder than others, please take care when handling and wearing them. 

Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight in some crystals such as Amethyst, can cause their colour to fade, so please store them carefully when not being worn. 

If you would like to cleanse your crystals, please do so in such a way that it wont affect the silver jewellery components or damage your crystal- please do NOT submerge your crystal jewellery in salt water or bury them in the garden! Moonlight, Palo Santo, Quartz geode caves or visualization may work best for this.

Please remove your crystal jewels for sleeping and exercising and do not get them wet.